Sunday, 15 January 2017

I AM ..

.. hoping that 2017 has been kind to you so far.

We had our first and hopefully LAST snowfall of this winter..

.. it came overnight and was gone by ish xx Thank goodness .. I'm NOT a fan xx lol x

The 2 quilting groups I belong to have re-started, Congleton Tuesday and Sandbach Thursday of this last week. It was lovely to catch up and share the Christmas and New Year stories with all the ladies xx

At Sandbach our charity for 2017 is the Christie Hospital ( ) .. one of the ways we are going to support them this year is by making bags hold drainage bags ... they need to have concealed or French seams so that there are no ragged edges for "bugs etc. " to collect in!!

I am going to (hopefully !!) make one per week ...first one is made.. all I have to do is keep up xx I am DETERMINED that I will use up stash this year and this will be a good way to work towards this x

I have a new shawl ..

....again a long skinny ones to wrap around multiple times xx I have had this gradient wool for a while ... again using up stash x LOVE the way it knit up .

....the 2 youngest grandchildren have new hats ..

.....see! Using up stash xx Happy Dance x

My oldest grandson..

....informed me that ....IF... I wanted to go to see a film...

.....he was happy to go with me!!... good of him lol x We had a great time and VERY much enjoyed it xx

My dad had a birthday this last week...

...he is 87 now (NO idea why he has closed his eyes xx lol )x OF COURSE we had cake ...

.. none left now lol xx This young lady had her first taste of cake..

....and VERY much enjoyed it xx

Hope you are all well xx

Diane x

Thursday, 5 January 2017

IT HAS....

... been COLD here since New Year. I am talking just about zero in the day and -5 or so at night .. I know for some that's not soo cold .. but when the relatives in Australia (Perth and south of Sydney) are talking about temperatures in the 30 + I am VERY happy with our temperatures xxx

Nature being the formidable force she is ... is pushing up shoots in the garden...

.. so I will be assured of some colour out there come the spring x

Long term readers may remember that I am slowly working my way through the 12 days of Christmas for my son and daughter-in-law .. this year was 3 French hens..

... now I have to work out 4 calling birds!

I am finding that I REALLY like the long skinny shawl patterns that can be wound round and around to keep the neck really warm...

We only had ONE appointment (warfarin clinic) this week .. so I celebrated by getting a head cold!! lol x Kept me in the house keeping warm and drinking plenty xx lol

Off to find my next project to work on x Hope you are having a good week xx

Diane x

Saturday, 31 December 2016


.. YES its me x

NOW... pick yourself up off the floor x I hope your Christmas was fun with time spent with family and friends x

I fell down the hole formed by the Time Leak for a while ... but.. hopefully I will find the New Year (2017) to be kinder towards time ... and me  xx

WHAT has been happening you ask .... well.. my mother has been diagnosed as diabetic .. with ALL the fun appointments that that involves x She has had a re-occourence of an old problem involving CT and MRI scans .. a little op and again ALL the appointments that involves .. there is to be another op in the New Year that will also help with the on-going problems x

All the stress has upset my dads health .. and he has needed support and comfort x

JUST to make life extra fun .. they had a leak from their central heating .. through the living room ceiling (they live in a bungalow)... the plumber had just finished the fix and was completing paper work .... when the ceiling fell in..... !!!!!!

.. that has now been all sorted ... 4 days before Christmas .. it was not much fun .. and neither was the washing of walls and cleaning up .. you all know how much I HATE cleaning up! lol xx

HOWEVER .. there were a couple of party's along the way and meals with family ...and mum and dad came to me for Christmas dinner..

..... I managed to make some Christmas angels..

... and Father Christmas tree ornaments..

...I keep on with the knitting ....some for the grandchildren.. and some Christmas presents ..

I hope you are all well and happy and looking forwards to a New Year with lots of opportunities for crafting and having FUN xx

Diane x

Friday, 14 October 2016

IT WAS......

... Sandbach Quilt group meeting last night. We had a talk about smocking .. it was really interesting .. AND it is amazing what you can learn from a speaker who is passionate about a subject xx

We had lots of examples to ooooh! over ...

including this smock ..

...that the speaker has made ALL the embroidery/smocking has been done by hand... stunning x

The scalf is coming along..

I know that if it was  just a straight project I would be SUPER bored .. but there is just enough of a lace pattern on the edge to keep me interested x.... and when it is done? ...well.. last night one of the ladies gave me this little book..

SO.. more fun to come x Hope you have something to make that is keeping your interest x

Diane x

Wednesday, 12 October 2016


... (Tuesday) was our (Christmas themed) Quilt group in Congleton. This years Christmas challenge was launched..... we are to make a 12.5 inch block .. ANY block.. using this years fabric..

.....which is much more fun than we usually get (shhh don't tell I said so!! lol) I made my block this am...

I'm happy with it x... I have a little gold bead at the top of  each one ..... Just have to keep it safe THEN remember to take it to the Christmas party xx lol x

We also had an on the night make .. THIS was the sample..

.. and this is the progress of mine...

... I have used beads for the eyes and found a fun bobble for the hat .. I need to get some sweets to go into the pocket now. I will be making some more of these xx 

I have a new scarf on the needles..

....bit of a change for me .. it has been fun so far. I like to challenge myself to make something different every now and then x.... and Autumn colours to make me happy x

Hope you have something fun to be working on .

Diane x